EDITION, November 2020

I am very happy to present a limited release of small paintings.  These are a chance for collectors to get their hands on a small-scale, affordable example of the work that I have been pursuing over recent years.   The Painting Mill project continues to form a core of my practice, around which other things oscillate.  I consider the Painting Mill as a celebration of basic machines and the way they are incorporated into our lives.  In this case, the machine becomes a tool and a process that is integrated into my painting practice, which is a broader exploration of colour and abstraction.  Rather than commissioning a print run, or conventional edition, I have chosen to adapt the Painting Mill process to the project at hand. 

These are limited in number and adhere to a set colour way and composition.  There are variations to particular marks and exact placements that occur as a result of the process.  So, whilst they are very much a limited set, they are also each unique.  There are 2 sets that have been completed, available from each Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide and Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne.  Individual photographs of each work are available from the galleries.


They are finished in a folded aluminium tray frame, a nod to the appearance of aluminium in other areas of my practice and presentation.

Artwork framed size is 200 x 265mm.

Acrylic on canvas, stretched over MDF board, aluminium tray frame

$400 each, excluding postage