Provisional States – Part 2

Johnnie Dady, James Dodd, KAB101
Contemporary Art Centre of South Austrlia
November 8 to December 15, 2013


As the final exhibition presentation for 2013, and doubling as our end-of-year party, the CACSA continues to showcase new artworks by South Australian artists in CACSA CONTEMPORARY 2013: Provisional State Part II, with Johnnie Dady, James Dodd and KAB101. In replicating seminal projects of 2001—the domus series, where artists responded to the physicality and other characteristics of the CACSA bluestone building—Provisional State Part II reflects upon the idiosyncracies of this suburban domicile and the current pursuit to relocate within the CBD. “Provisional” in this context suggests ‘contingent’,‘conditional’, ‘dependent’, ‘experimental’, ‘interim’, ‘limited’ and ‘makeshift’; all descriptions apropos to past CACSA CONTEMPORARY projects of 2010 and 2012. – See more at:

I approached this project as an opportunity to explore some extensions to ideas I have been pondering in regards to landscape and painting. I was particularly interested in extending the ways in which I have been painting, most specifically atomised medium applications. I used this project as a chance to consider super, oversized stencil making as combined with similarly outlandish paint application. The result is a play on landscape within the context of trying to shift the viewer’s sense of the white cube. The application of blacklight contributed to a sense of alien space.

Provisional Staes 02 Lo res