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CACSA Contemporary 2015 – Painting Mill Prototype

CACSA Contemporary 2015, Adelaide
Light Square Gallery

James Dodd Painting Mill Prototype 2015 from James Dodd on Vimeo.

JDPMP15 – Prototype
Reassembled power tools, drive shaft components, bicycle components, aluminium, pine, MDF, workbench, unprimed canvas, stretchers, acrylic.

Dodd’s recent investigations have resulted in unusual bicycles, wacky adventures and various strange machines. This project takes a step towards industrial tools such as mills, lathes and CNC cutters and proposes a variation that is developed specifically for the production of paintings. The artist considers painting machines as a genre, generally, and this work as his particularly nuanced contribution.

This particular machine might be more at home in a suburban shed than a gallery. It is somewhat of a backyard cross between an arcade Skill Tester, an Etcha A Sketch and a Spirograph, only built with materials from the local hardware store and made for adults to play with. It is presented as an object that is particularly handmade, cobbled together something like a Frankenstein’s hand drill on steroids. The aesthetics and concepts at play here are those of D.I.Y. and the extended culture of user-generated references such as Instructables wherein modification and hacking are each embraced as critical elements of both process and outcome.

Battery powered drills have been disassembled and repurposed. A strange array of attachments appear from conjoined spatulas, mutant multi-headed brushes and particularly ‘scrapey’ looking arms. These are all assembled as a squadron, ready to launch an attack, in pigment warfare on unsuspecting surfaces. Whilst this is a device that can ‘do’ things it is potentially more interesting than the outcomes it achieves.

This project is considered as ongoing and able to be presented throughout the various stages of it’s development.

James Dodd Painting Mill Install 1 lo res