Mamaruni School – Croker Island

September 2017

Shona Harris, the school principal, invited me to come and work with the students for a week to facilitate a mural depicting the school values – Be respectful, Be responsible and Be safe. A pictorial element that we developed was the inclusion of bees, in reference to the ‘be’s’. We chose to include central figures of a European honey bee as well as the smaller native bee. Younger students developed simple bee silhouette stencils to bee repeated as a ‘swarm’ whilst older students worked on a range of stencils of local flora and fauna to fill out all of the surfaces of the rest of the site.

Also working at the school for the week was the amazing Morganics, Wire MC and Finton Mahony who worked with students through a range of hip-hop oriented workshops to build a song that embraces the school values. This was further developed to become a range of dance moves and combined together with footage of the mural process and outcome to become a music video clip. (to be publicly release late Sep 17, with link to be included here)