Dream Machines

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
July – September 2017

JAMES DODD -Artist interview, Dream Machines, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. from James Dodd on Vimeo.

Dream Machines brings together five artists and collaboratives who are modern day Da Vinci’s – contemporary polymaths – whose practice intersects art, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are simultaneously artist, scientist, engineer, thinker and inventor.

The artists, James Dodd, Wade Marynowsky, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton, Cameron Robbins, and Tricky Walsh, are at the forefront of contemporary art practice in Australia. They produce functional artworks and imagined machines which audiences can engage and interact with: a remote controlled painting machine, a machine that interprets the movement of the sun, a theoretical communication device, three automatons created from vintage gramophones, and robots that perform an opera.

At the core of this project are ideas centred around DIY aesthetics, backyard inventors and the suburban shed, the adaptation of existing and utilitarian objects, the machine aesthetic, hacking and re-purposing, and how creativity is integral to innovation.

James Dodd’s participation in this project was supported by the Government of South Australia via Arts South Australia.