Cold Chisel Lane – City of Adelaide

March 2021

I am happy to announce that I have recently completed the Cold Chisel Laneway Commission with the City of Adelaide, part of the City of Music Laneways.

I have taken a deep dive into the history and legacy of Cold Chisel.  Being a long-time fan, it has been a joy to focus on this material and search for comments and stories that can become the content for this artwork.  I have generated discussions via a range of social media whilst also trawling through existing digital commentaries.  I have attempted to capture a strong sense of the history of the band at the same time as relating the passions that audiences have for the music.

At many points in my own practice I have looked for opportunities to forefront cultural activities (such as rock’n’roll and graffiti) that can speak of collective experience and expand conversations of Australian social histories.  I wanted to compose an artwork that might serve as a way to compress and compound the ways in which Cold Chisel have both built and reflected Australia.

Pics courtesy of Sam Roberts Photography.