Arthouse – Kraft of Mann

A collaboration with Ben Leslie
Adelaide Central Markets, May 2014

Kraft of Mann – James Dodd & Ben Leslie from James Dodd on Vimeo.

ARTHOUSE is a satellite project curated & presented by Brigid Noone, independent curator and Director of Fontanelle Gallery & Studios.

ARTHOUSE is a public art project contained in a traditional glasshouse. It showcases a range of art forms and manifestations through weekly installations that embrace an experimental gallery framework. ARTHOUSE is a weekly-programmed space that will be installed for a month in the busy Adelaide Central markets, as a site for public encounter and interaction. Artist teams include Sera Waters / Ryan Sims, Sasha Grbich / Dominique Keeley, Ben Leslie / James Dodd, Jessie Lumb / Elyas Alavi.

James Dodd and Ben Leslie will be spending time together in the space talking about the idea of garden sheds, mens’ creativity and backyard crafts. They will be extending the jamming nature of this project by way of riffing off of each other’s recent individual practices. In this way, one of the primary pursuits of this project is to produce some kind of mash-up collaboration album.Think hyper colour cave man vessels, obscure prehistoric inscriptions and the anxiety of contemporary 30 somethings.