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Adelaide’s latest and brightest Artist Run gallery and studio spaces continue their juggernaut progress with a fab new painting show.

Chloe Langford, Arlon Hall, James Dodd, Sam Songailo, Jennifer Allnutt ,Sam Howie, Ros Matson, Nathan Farrant, Stephanie Bromley, Ben Leslie, Brigid Noone, Mary-Jean Richardson, Sarah Loose, Morgan Allender, James Marshall, Stephanie Crase, Elyas Alavi, Anton Hart, Daniel Connell, Nic Brown, Thom Buchanan, Laura Wills, Anthony Pelchen and Tomasz Talaj

Curated by Brigid Noone & Ben Leslie, ‘The kick ass painting show’ is a group exhibition that places importance on the performative and curatorial placement of paintings to create a resonant installation, reflecting the current diversity within painting practices.

24/5/12 – 30/6/12

26 Sixth St, Bowden

I’ll be presenting a reprise of my recent Pacific Riff work as well as a painting machine (bicycle).  Here’s a sneak peek –