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>Melbourne – Solo exhibition opening May 23
Insane in the Lane
Lindberg Contemporary Art, 48 Cambridge St, Collingwood
This group of paintings extends upon my ongoing investigations into found, handmade marks from the urban environment. Combining particular imagery with specifically local graffiti, this is an attempt at constructing a type of ‘psychogeography’ that can reflect personal, social and physical landscapes.
Opening celebration Saturday May 23, 5 – 8pm. Exhibition runs until June 17.
This exhibition has been made possible via the generous support of the Helpmann Academy.

Australian Art Collector profile
Buy, borrow or steal the latest issue of Australian Art Collector and check out the artist profile that they have published. The article discusses some of my early influences whilst illustrating a number of recent and more currently relevant works.
Page 122 onwards.
Email me if you would like a digital scan of the article.

Darwin – Exhibition at 24hr Art
Until June 13
Sunset Dreaming, which draws its inspiration from bus shelters and graffiti of the Darwin region, is currently on show at 24hr Art, Vimy Lane, Parap.
24HR Art

ABC – Sunday Arts article
5pm, Sunday May 24
This short piece documents Sunset Dreaming as it appears at 24hr Art in Darwin and offers further insight into some of the motivations for the work.
You can download epsisode 13 from the Sunday Arts website.
Sunday Arts