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Strange Machines

Glenelg, March, 2013

During March of 2013 the City of Holdfast Bay, which incorporates Glenelg and Brighton, invited a group of artists to make temporary public artworks. The project was titled RANDOM. Here is the spiel- “RANDOM is a curated programme that encourages spontaneous, subtle, gentle gestures which will populate Jetty Road Glenelg and Jetty Road Brighton with small creative, witty, thought inducing interventions… Random acts of art which create temporary adjustments of the everyday.”
Artists included Craige Andre, Tanya Court, Lieth Elder, Violet Cooper, Anton Hart, Warwick Keates, Helen Nieuwendik, Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell and Sera Waters.

Here are a few shots of my interventions and a little statement about the work.

Strange Machines

The bicycle is one of the most classical forms of transport and sport that we enjoy. Within it’s endless applications and variations there remains a number of elements that will always make a bike, look like a bike. Most of us learn to ride one at some stage of our lives and most of us carry that physical understanding of the experience with us throughout our lives.

I enjoy manipulating bicycles beyond their conventional appearances. Sometimes they retain their ability to be ridden; sometimes they do not. In all cases I find that viewers of these strange machines are simultaneously confused, excited and inspired. It is perfect that they can be presented publicly in the way that bicycles are most commonly encountered.