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Broughton Art Mural – Emerging Art Walls Unley

October – December 2016

During 2016 the City of Unley has undertaken a process of seeking walls to be painted and commissioning artists to complete new mural outcomes. A component of the brief for this project has been to develop an outcome that responds to both site and the community. I have chose to approach this by way of celebrating the work of the artists who work at Broughton Art, which has offered community services for more than 50 years and been a long-term tennant of the building. I met briefly with some of the artists was impressed by their artwork, enthusiam and energy. Flowers and gardens regularly appear in thier imagery, making a simple theme with which to marry the site with the park in which it sits. Beyond this, I have chosen to incorporate some simple images of mould and spores – a link to Howard Florey, the namesake of the abutting park and his research into penicillin as an antibiotic.

Broughton Art artists have been involved with the larger parts of the execution of the mural with my role being the overall guidance of the project and final touch ups. The mural is scheduled for completion in December 2016. Photography courtesy Sam Roberts.